Friday, June 22, 2012

My Life As A Film: Rooftop

I was on a rooftop next to a fire 
That was started at the scene of a party 
That I attended through someone I didn't know well 
Who did not show up at the rooftop we've arrived at in this story 

I surveyed the scene 
And my heart deflated 
See all the horrors and strangers all around me 
To my right 
A guy I didn't know was telling stories 
About some girl in her life 
How she left him traumatized 
"I don't know why I love him so." 

The guy turned to me with glazed eyes 
And confessed to my surprise 
He was lost and was looking for a guide 
Someone to love and to confide in 
Love him 

Suddenly the room goes quiet 
Enough to drop a pin 
'Cause a telephone was ringing out a recent top ten hit 
And the guy going crazy 
Pulls out his phone 
And he stares at the phone number 
His face turning pale 

As he rolls his eyes up to the heavens 
He picks up the call 
And obscenities too rude to sing 
He must've said them all 

And he's laughing 
Or he's crying 
Well I can't tell 
But he starts to break down 
And shivering 
He softly tells the caller 

He says 
"Who are you? I don't know who you are." 
I just want someone to love 
You !

Set aside our differences 
And then we're making progress to the light 

I will be your neighbour 
I will be your friendly ear 
I will be your hand to hold 

I will be your sunrise 
I will be the clouds to catch you 
I will shield you from the storm 

I will be your t-shirt 
I will be your blanket, pillow 
I will be your winter coat 

I will be your Coltrane 
I will be your Love Supreme 
I will be your Favourite Things 

I will be your love song 
I will be your symphony 
I will be your rock'n'roll 

I will be your boyfriend 
I will be your groom-to-be 
I will be your lover 

If the moment ever come

But the moment never come

*originated from OJ Law songs*

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